Wild Edges: Crossing the Threshold into A Sacred World
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Wild Edges: Crossing the Threshold into A Sacred World

Wild Edges: Crossing the Threshold into a Sacred World | Sunday, December 9th at Roxborough Park | Info @ www.churchoflostwalls.org

We have been created with astonishing resources, “a hidden wholeness,” deep in our own wildly imaginative depths, capable of entering into conversation with the world. Jesus spoke often of this wild terrain as “treasure hidden in the field.” Contemporary poet Mary Oliver asks, “what will you do with your one wild and precious life?”
Through nature-based practices that draw upon the wisdom of sacred narratives and older traditions, we will cultivate a deeper connection with nature and our own wild wholeness. Take a step across the threshold toward a culturally creative vision for life. Renew your sense of hope and courage to face our current spiritual and ecological crises together, rooted in kinship and community with one another, the wild earth, and the great mystery we call God.

Our time together will include liturgical ceremony, contemplative practices, wild wanders, creative group responses and more!

Please bring: a cushion, pad, or crazy creek chair, water bottle, weather appropriate clothing & hiking shoes, journal/pen, emergency whistle (if you have one), and snacks!

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Wild Christ, Wild Earth, Wild Self
to Aug 2

Wild Christ, Wild Earth, Wild Self

This introduction to Seminary of the Wild offers an experiential, nature-based, journey of apprenticeship into the wild mysteries of the kingdom of God and an invitation into a deeper participation in the restoration of the world, tikkun olam. This gathering has been created for those who long for a more soul-infused life and who yearn to find ways to re-connect to to the natural world as a person of faith during a time of deep cultural unraveling.  Finding a way forward for the Pilgrim, the Church, and the culture will require that we live in alignment with the life-enhancing wisdom of Creation--the revelatory Book of Nature. 

You will experience:

A re-enchantment of the natural and wild world and a re-visioning of your deep belonging to this world by reconnecting with your senses, body, emotions, imagination and the earth.

A re-wilding of the Christian story deconstructing the barriers, the processes of domestication, and distortions that have tamed and suppressed the earth-based vision of the Christ.

A re-claiming of your own prophetic voice as a leader engaged in transforming culture during this age of ecological reformation.

An invitation to embark on your own journey of wild discipleship, expanding your capacity to connect directly with the Holy and follow the radical call of Christ discerning the voice of God, Self and Nature.

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