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Untamed Mind of Christ: Nature-based Wholeness

"The new holiness into which we are being invited is the holiness of wholeness, of coming back into relationship with the earth and what is deepest in the human soul… to have split holiness from wholeness is the neurosis at the heart of much of our religiosity." - John Phillip Newell, A New Harmony

Untamed Mind of Christ is a two-day experiential introduction to our four day nature-basedimmersion designed to help Christian leaders encounter, explore, live and lead from our innate human wholeness.

Discover treasure hidden in the field of your own wholeness and depth inviting you to greater service and joyful participation in the world.

The prophets, mystics, and Jesus, did not find their voice in the temple, village, or seminary; rather they encountered their wholeness, their depth, and calling in relationship to the wilds of the earth. These prophetic visionaries discovered their calling in sacred Conversation with the Creation (Ex 3; Mt 4). As “deep calls out to deep,” so the wilds of outer nature mirror our own inner nature. Our own wild nature has been created with astonishing resources, unrealized gifts and depths that most of us might not know exist until we discover how to listen, cultivate, and integrate them into our daily lives.

You are invited to experience the wisdom of Christ in the Creation and to further cultivate your own indigenous nature, following the path of Jesus into the wilds. Based onBill Plotkin’s book, Wild Mind: A Field Guide to the Human Psyche, this two day introduction will explore the resources of our human psyches in wild conversation with both Scripture and the surrounding landscape. 

You will learn skills to cultivate your own wholeness for leadership and practices you may integrate within your own ministries in Christian leadership:

  • Self-designed ceremony
  • Invitations to wander the land in sacred conversation with God and nature
  • Diverse contemplative prayer practices
  • Creative expression through the arts, journaling, worship
  • Group work in circle, dyads and triads 

You will discover unique expressions of the story and pattern of Christ within your own life within a safe and authentic community of fellow pilgrims. Renew your vision and compassion for deeper service to a world desperately longing for the authentic and transformative contributions of visionary leaders, sacred priests, and social prophets of the cultural renaissance happening in our time. This training is also preparation for our longer 4-5 day immersion where we invoke our wholeness as we deepen into the treasure hidden in the field, our own wild souls.