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Discover Courage Amidst Chaos: Deep Belonging and Wild Imagination

  • Highlands Presbyterian Camp P.O. Box 66 Allenspark, CO 80510 USA (map)

All around us, the forces of fear and chaos are challenging the forces of love and wholeness. This is a time when people are forgetting from where they come, a time where darkness can seem to be overcoming the light. But the Master says, over and over, “Do not be afraid.” So, perhaps the greatest gift we can give our world right now, including our species and planet, is to answer our Soul’s Call by doing that for which we are made. What is your imago dei, your deepest individual identity and source of belonging and service in the world?

At this mini-retreat, we will explore the conversation between Scripture, soul and the natural world for personal renewal of vitality, vision, and compassion for deeper, courageous service to a world desperately longing for the authentic and transformative contributions of faith leaders.

Practices will include self-designed ceremony, walking in sacred conversation with the land, creative expression, journaling, small group work, and the way of council. Learn how to implement these practices in your committees, retreats, small-groups, with youth & families.

 Highlands Presbyterian Camp, Allenspark, CO

Highlands Presbyterian Camp, Allenspark, CO