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Soul Journey

SoulJourney is our two-day experiential immersion for spiritual leaders and religious professionals into the wild, mysterious terrain of the soul; the image, deep pattern, or unique blueprint of the divine within you. To encounter soul is to discover, in the words of Jesus, “the treasure hidden in the field.” Poet Mary Oliver calls it your “one wild and precious life,” which whispers intimations of the path to your deepest personal fulfillment as well as the image of your true calling in service to the world. This is the place, in the words of Frederick Buechner, where “your deep gladness meets the worlds deep hunger.”

SoulJourney offers highly experiential synergistic practices ranging from group work, contemplative solitude in nature, and sharing and deepening those experiences in small groups. A guide for each group provides the experience of greater wholeness and Self-healing through practices that build upon and amplify each other. By the end of the intensive, you will have greater knowledge of yourself and your place in the world - your deep calling - from a soul-rooted perspective. You will have greater insight into the spiritual gifts you were born to bring into the world which will lead to deeper authenticity and soul-rooted service.

Based on Bill Plotkin’s seminal work Soulcraft, these practices offered spring from nature-based cultures and modern depth psychology, rites of passage, translated through the lens of the poetic and prophetic wilderness tradition, and adapted to the perennial wisdom of the Christ Tradition.


  • Creative expression: and contemplative practices.
  • Guided wanders: in deep conversation with the natural world.
  • Dreamwork: Listening to God speak through the soul in dream imagery (Acts 2:17).
  • Deep Imagery work: Exploring and discerning the wildly creative language of the deep imagination.
  • Group work: Heart-centered communication, sharing, deepening, and mirroring.
  • Heart Council: Cultivating a “hearing heart” (1 Ki 3:9) of compassionate listening, and wise discernment within the witnessing presence of the group circle. 
  • The way of Ceremony: creative rituals for personal transformation
  • Celtic Cross Four-Directional Circle: A nature-based practice to encounter and cultivate the four-facets of our true self.
  • Wounded Healer: discovering our core wound and its sacred purpose in our lives for deeper leadership and service in the world.
  • Loving the Least: Self-healing work with “the least” within us: including those wounded/conformist, escapist/addicts, shadowy, and faithful protector parts of ourselves for greater wholeness in leadership, ministry, family and life.
  • Embracing the Dark Night: exploring aspects of the Shadow and discovering, as Isaiah writes, our “hidden treasures of darkness,” those incredible “riches” stored in the unconscious realm of our psyches.