The Untamed mind of christ...

...experience has been powerful for me. Through two retreat experiences I have found the leaders to be wise, expert, and eminently trustworthy as ‘soul work guides.’ The various well-devised experiential exercises have awakened me to a new, rich part of who I am and who I am called to be. This descent into ‘soul work’ has been the very necessary—and timely-- complement to the great amount spiritual light seeking I’ve done all of my adult life. Great joy, deep grief, loss, reconciliation, and healing have important parts of this work for me. The most satisfying and alluring element in this work thus far has been a profound deepening of my relationship with the wild, natural world and (re)discovering the unquenched longing to belong to and learn from the wild. Ultimately, I trust this work. I know I’m becoming, by degrees, a more complete person, a more honest and trustworthy friend and partner, and a more clear-eyed disciple of the Christ.

 - Stephen Kennedy, Elder at Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church in Denver Colorado