wild partners

"If we will have the wisdom to survive, to stand like slow-growing trees on a ruined place, renewing, enriching it…then a long time after we are dead the lives our lives prepare will live here, their houses strongly placed upon the valley sides, fields and gardens rich in the windows… Families will be singing in the fields. In their voices they will hear a music risen out of the ground… Memory, native to this valley, will spread over it like a grove, and memory will grow into legend, legend into song, song into sacrament. The abundance of this place, the songs of its people and its birds, will be health and wisdom and indwelling light. This is no paradisal dream. Its hardship is its possibility." - excerpt from Wendell Berry's "A Vision"

  Re-connecting people with an untamed God in our wild homes.

Re-connecting people with an untamed God in our wild homes.

WIld church network

We are a growing network of pastors and spiritual leaders, who have made bold moves to launch new expressions of church outside to re-acquaint, re-cover, and re-member our congregations as loving participants of a larger community.  In this age of mass extinctions, we feel burdened by the love of Christ to invite people into direct relationship with some of the most vulnerable victims of our destructive culture:  our land, our waters, the creatures with whom we share our homes.



At AllCreation.org we seek to address a number of the pressing issues humanity now faces on Earth: loss of biodiversity, the species extinction crisis, climate change, sustainability, the transition away from fossil fuels, the protection and restoration of eco systems, the intersection of climate justice and economic, racial, and gender justice, etc. We seek to address these issues from the perspective of Earth’s human wisdom traditions, both ancient and contemporary.


Cottonwood institute

Cottonwood Institute is on a mission to connect underserved students to the outdoors and empower them to take action to improve their schools, the community, and the environment for future generations. As an award-winning 501(c)3 educational non-profit organization based in Denver, Colorado. Cottonwood Institute aims to inspire a new generation of 21st century leaders who are environmentally aware, civilly engaged, and empowered to make a positive impact within their communities.