“The walls that divide and limit us become lost in the poetic language of wild nature.”

what will you do with your one wild and precious life?

church of lost walls


Wild Edges: Crossing the Threshold into a Sacred World | Sunday, December 9th at Roxborough Park We have been created with astonishing resources, “a hidden wholeness,” deep in our own wildly imaginative depths, capable of entering into conversation with the world. Jesus spoke often of this wild terrain as “treasure hidden in the field.” Contemporary poet Mary Oliver asks, “what will you do with your one wild and precious life?” Through nature-based practices that draw upon the wisdom of sacred narratives and older traditions, we will cultivate a deeper connection with nature and our own wild wholeness. Take a step across the threshold toward a culturally creative vision for life. Renew your sense of hope and courage to face our current spiritual and ecological crises together, rooted in kinship and community with one another, the wild earth, and the great mystery we call God.


Experience a deep re-wilding of your life, sabbath for the soul, and a profound reconnection with the natural world through ancient contemplative and nature-based practices. Become who you are, the world needs you.


Rev. Matt Syrdal is re-wilding what it means to be human. His work weaves in myth and ceremony in nature as a way for people to enter into conversation with the storied world in which they are a part.


Wild Christ, Wild Earth, Wild Self: A Nature-based Introduction to Seminary of the Wild— at Ghost Ranch July 28th-August 2nd, 2019. For pastors, leaders, eco-seminarians, and agents of cultural transformation.


Coming Sunday, December 9th: Church of Lost Walls

Wild edges:

Crossing the Threshold into a sacred world


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