Epiphany: Awakening to Nature, Spirit, and Soul

Epiphany touches a simple yet striking thread that we have largely lost access to in our western, industrialized technocracy. The first, is that meaning is essential to nature itself, which speaks a language much older than our own. Second, that perception and intuition are two primary windows or modes of participation in the essential nature and deep meaning of the world itself of which we are an expression.

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Rewilding Our Narrative

The key to our uniquely human role in the evolution of the universe seems to be in the power of our story-telling - meaning-making - in the cultivation of the world — the power to tell ourselves stories about who we are, what we really are, and what the world is. In our age we are being invited to rewild the Christian story, to disentangle it from the domesticating forces of imperial ideologies, and reimagine how we 'live, and move, and have our being' in relation, once again, to a living and wild world. 

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Matt Syrdal