Welcome to a wilder way


Church of lost walls | Sunday, May 19th at Bluff LAke Nature Center | 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

3400 Havana Way Denver, CO 80238

Bluff Lake Nature Preserve is a wild edge sandwiched between the sprawling housing development of Stapleton and the industrial prison complex, Bluff Lake is a combination of wetland, cattail marsh, prairie, and riparian forest habitats a reminder of the remarkable beauty and power of Earth in her rich biodiversity and symbiosis. Bluff Lake functions like a living lung, cleansing pollutants, and offering life and community to a variety of beings: Black-Tailed Prairie Dog, Red-Tailed Hawk nests, Great Horned Owl, a Beaver zone, Mallard, Grackel, Geese. Not to mention Mule Deer, Coyote, Sand Lily, Prickly Pear Cactus, Yucca, Cottonwood, and Box Elder Maple Trees.

We will gather at the main entrance to Bluff Lake Nature preserve at the large Overlook (eco-pergola) at 1:45 pm. We will begin with a short meditative hike, and wander into the groves of Cottonwood and Box Elder maple trees for a day of athentic community in circles and Earth-based teaching and experiential practices to deepen our relationship with the divine and the natural world.

Experience the rich fullness of your five senses, the freedom of being fully alive to your own emotions through bodily movement and creative expression. Participate deeply with God and reconnect with the natural world opening your life to the grief and joy, memory and imagination that is waiting to be lived. Through nature-based contemplative practices that draw upon the wisdom of sacred narratives and older traditions, we will cultivate a deeper connection with nature and our own wild wholeness. Take a small step across the threshold toward a culturally creative vision for life. Renew your sense of hope and courage to face our current spiritual and ecological crises together, rooted in kinship and community with one another, the wild earth, and the great mystery we call God.


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Church of Lost Walls is a living expression of church seeking to journey beyond our walls into wild enchanting thresholds where nature, spirituality, and life meet in deep Conversation and sacred community for the cultivation of greater wholeness and service to the world.

We are not normal church happening outside, our dream is to participate in and partner with creation through learning, worship, meditation and prayer. Through nature-based practices that draw upon the wisdom of sacred narratives and older traditions, we seek to cultivate nature connection and personal wholeness to inspire and guide one another into a culturally creative vision of life within our expanding circles of community, culture, the wild earth, and the great mystery we call God.

This culturally creative vision can be discovered in the depths of our unique Imago Dei (Gen 1), what poet David Whyte refers to as the “truth at the center of the image you were born with,” and Bill Plotkin refers to as the soul-image. In the teachings of Jesus, it is the “treasure hidden in the field,” what poet Mary Oliver calls your “one wild and precious life”.

What To Bring to A Wild Church Gathering:

A suggested minimum donation of $15 per person is requested, but never required, in the spirit of sacred reciprocity. Church of Lost Walls is grateful for the support of compassionate individuals who take seriously the need for greater awareness and wholeness in our communities for the repair of the world (tikkun olam) in this time of spiritual and ecological urgency.

  • Weather appropriate clothing (including hat, gloves, boots)

  • Comfortable shoes for walking, hiking and standing for periods of time.

  • Day pack

  • A pad, cushion, or lightweight camp chair (Crazy Creek)

  • Drinking Water (water bottle)

  • Journal (Optional)

  • An open heart and a worshipful spirit