Featured Event: July 28-Aug2 2019

Wild Christ, Wild Earth, Wild Self: A Nature-Based Introduction to Seminary of the Wild

Registration opens December 1st, 2018. VIsit: ghostranch.org


Seminary of the Wild is the first nature-based Seminary for Christian leaders on the threshold of cultural change, offering certification programs which provide an experiential framework for ecological awakening, psycho-spiritual wholeness and leadership training. Four different tracks are designed to support eco-seminarians as they prepare to bring their own unique forms of transformative work into deeper service to the world.

This introduction to Seminary of the Wild offers an experiential, nature-based, journey of apprenticeship into the wild mysteries of the kingdom of God and an invitation into a deeper participation in the restoration of the world, tikkun olam. This gathering has been created for those who long for a more soul-infused life and who yearn to find ways to re-connect to to the natural world as a person of faith during a time of deep cultural unraveling.  Finding a way forward for the Pilgrim, the Church, and the culture will require that we live in alignment with the life-enhancing wisdom of Creation--the revelatory Book of Nature. 

Key Note Speakers:


Brian Mclaren


victoria loorz


Michael Dowd