Rev. matthew syrdal

Rev. Matthew Syrdal is the associate pastor of spiritual formation at Grace Presbyterian Church. He attended University of Washington to pursue a degree in visual communications, worked in the software and online e-commerce industry as a creative director for a number of years. Matt is an artist of the soul. His love of form and symbol from his design days has translated into a passion for exploring the human depths, ancestry, mythology, and  poetry, and wild natural landscapes. Matt has studied ancient Christian rites of initiation, psychology and spirituality, and is also a speaker and wilderness guide for adolescents and adults. 

ministry sample

Below is a sample of Featured sermons, blogs, articles, curricula for all ages, and key-notes for conferences that are representative of Matt's theology and praxis within the Presbyterian Church (USA). For any other inquiries, feel free to reach Matt at 

Sermons, blogs & articles

Featured Sermons

2017-4-9: "If Stones Could Speak" 

2017-1-22: "The Power of Together"

2016-8-28: "Ask The Right Questions"

Featured Articles & Blogs

From July 11th, 2017 post in "Worship As Wild Courtship"

From July 22nd, 2017 post in "Rewilding Our Narrative"

EDucation & Formation

Spiritual Formation

  • Children's Creation Curricula "Saw That It Was Good"

  • Handout #1 "Saw That It Was Good"

  • Adult Lenten Discipleship "The Way"

  • "Landscapes of Lent" Small Group Workbook


  • 2016 Youth Winter Retreat Itinerary "Logos"

  • 2016 Youth Winter Retreat "Logos: Finding Your True Identity"

  • 2016 Small Group Leaders

  • 2016 Logos: Nature-based Exercises

Mission Trip Curricula

  • Mission Trip Devotional "Mission As Quest"

  • Mission Leader Packet "Mission As Quest"

Conferences / Workshops

  • 2014 APCE "Emerging Leadership & Human Development"

  • 2016 APCE "Untamed Mind of Christ"